History Of The Tarot Cards

Tarot dates back some 5000 years and initially comprised 22 cards called the Major Arcana. The Tarot is based on a form of Numerology and the twenty two cards represented the journey of an apprentice (The Fool) through various stages until he reached the end of his journey having acquired the full spiritual knowledge to become a Magi (The Magician). In later years, the French added a further 56 cards called the Minor Arcana in order to play the game of Tarot. The 56 cards of the Minor Arcana are divided into four suits: Wands, Coins, Swords and Cups. Most professional clairvoyants dismiss the Minor Arcana and only use the 22 cards of the Major Arcana.

Tarot spreads

An instruction book will tell you that there are several spreads:- Celtic Cross, Tree of Life etc. Again, my opinion is that you should ignore these and devise a spread which is personal to you!

Throughout my career I have always rebelled against regimentation. No two people are the same, we are all unique. No book can provide intuition. You must use your own!

Reading Tarot cards is all about sensing and feeling, not interpreting a card from a book! Professional clairvoyants use the Tarot as a focus and, during a reading, will seldom mention the card upon which they are focusing. Beware the reader who says, for example, ” I’ve got the King of Cups and it means…..” That reader is probably telling you something he has learned, rather than “sensed” or “felt” However, a professional might say “looking at the cards in front of me, I sense and feel ……..” which will prove he is a genuine clairvoyant.

Upside down or Reverse Tarot cards

The meaning of reverse cards depends upon the card and the reading. Suppose, for instance, that you are asking about a relationship and the spread of cards includes a man and a woman. One is the right way up, the other is reversed. This would indicate that the people concerned are going in the opposite direction.

Reading the cards

The Major Arcana is indeed beautiful and mystical. The following meanings are supplied by Graham.

0 The Fool

Positive Unrestrained and naïve, an innocent, childish nature, fun loving

Negative Making poor decisions by failing to learn from past experience, clownish

I The Magician

Positive Creative genius, flair, impressive skilful, ability to inspire

Negative Use of skills to destroy, control or deceive other people

II The High Priestess

Positive Wisdom, patience, someone who listens and has a helpful nature

Negative Opinionated, shallow, interfering, running other people’s lives

III The Empress

Positive An accomplished female, perhaps rich or in a position of authority

Negative A female with an inflated ego or abuser of power

IV The Emperor

Positive An accomplished male, perhaps rich or in a position of authority

Negative A male with an inflated ego or abuser of power

V Jupiter

Positive Kind, generous, philanthropic, relaxed, easy going, jovial, proud

Negative Lazy, complacent, reliant on others for support, a sponger, pompous

VI The Lovers

Positive Harmony, new love or deep appreciation between two people

Negative Unrequited love, a secret affair or other form of betrayal

VII The Chariot

Positive Triumph through hard work, panache, style, daring, courage, flair

Negative Failure through lack of caution or taking on too much

VIII Justice

Positive Getting what you deserve, reward for past efforts

Negative Getting what you deserve, retribution for past misdemeanours

IX The Hermit

Positive Caution, need for isolation or contemplation, ageing, older person

Negative Physical deterioration, antisocial, reclusive, outcast, over cautious

X The Wheel of Fortune

Positive Imminent change for the better, good luck through trusting in fate

Negative Imminent change for the worse, failure of a new venture

XI Strength

Positive Strengthening of body or mind, success in head-on confrontation

Negative Failure through underestimating the opposition, aggressive nature

XII The Hanged Man

Positive Letting others have control, standing back, waiting to see what happens

Negative Complete loss of power, helplessness, someone else calls all the shots

XIII Death

Positive Major transition, a drastic turning point preceded by loss, starting afresh

Negative Physical death or loss of someone close, sad endings, extreme danger

XIV Temperance

Positive Kind, patient, sympathetic, helpful, spiritually evolved, protective

Negative Too good to be true, a dreamer, unrealistic, opting out

XV The Devil

Positive A need to face up to phobias, fear, oppression or violence

Negative Victim of crime, physical or mental abuse, bullying, black magic

XVI The Lightning Struck Tower

Positive Rebuilding after a serious blow, coming to terms with disaster

Negative Sudden, utter disaster, financial ruin, physical or mental breakdown

XVII The Star

Positive Contentment, happy retirement, finding an ideal niche in life

Negative Wasting time, failing to deliver, basking in self-glory

XVIII The Moon

Positive Dreamer, poet, person who is not what (s)he seems, ability to disguise

Negative Deceit, betrayal of trust, infidelity, someone with a hidden agenda

XIX The Sun

Positive Open, honest, a good example to follow, encouraging, positive attitude

Negative Someone who loses out by being too honest and open

XX Judgement

Positive The moment of truth, reward for good effort, promotion, recognition

Negative The moment of truth, condemnation for past failure, relegation, redundancy

XXI The World

Positive Success, getting what you want, prosperity, major financial gain, travel

Negative Materialistic, greedy, hedonistic, corrupt

Minor Arcana

The following are suggestions only, based on the astrological system.

Ace Unity, self awareness, self development, personal interests, clothing, fashion

Two Duality, money, investment, security, comfort, luxury items

Three Illicit love, talking, school, travel, letters, email, siblings, neighbours

Four Home, family, mother, protection, self defence

Five Luck, gambling, love affairs, children, hobbies, pleasures, art

Six Health, healing, nutrition, work, training, service, duty, pets

Seven Partnerships, marriage, divorce, compromise, cooperation

Eight Legal matters, wills, sex, psychic activity, mysteries, transformation, death

Nine New horizons, freedom, long journeys, wisdom, study, hands-on learning

Ten Career, vocation, reputation, status, ambition, father

Page (Jack) Friends, social life, meetings, politics, humanitarian actions, independence

Cavalier (Prince) Compassion, charity, escapism, institutions, inner self, isolation

Queen Beauty, feminine strengths, superior or influential female, wife

King Authority, masculine strengths, superior or influential male, husband

Swords (Fire)

Assertion, drive, leadership, aggression, domination, quickness, power, stress, combat, yang.

Pentacles (Earth)

Steadiness, stability, support, practicality, materialism, money, inertia, common sense, yin.

Wands (Air)

Intellect, thought, ideas, communication, procrastination, variety, opinions, change of mind, travel.

Cups (Water)

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